How to Unlock a LG Phone With a Pattern

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Pattern lock on LG smartphones is a security measure designed to keep others from unlocking your device without knowing the password. Unfortunately, getting locked out of your phone due to forgetting its pattern or PIN can be an annoying experience. Fortunately, there are ways to bypass a pattern on an LG phone and get back into it quickly and securely.

First, download a tool that can unlock your LG device’s screen lock. WooTechy iDelock (Android) is an ideal option; it enables users to remove any type of Android screen lock (including pattern locks) with just one click. Compatible with over 6000 devices across all operating systems versions, this software is easy-to-use and convenient.

iDelock can easily and securely unlock any screen lock on an LG phone, so you no longer need to worry about being locked out. After downloading and installing the software, simply connect your device to a computer via USB cable and begin the unlocking process.

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To use iDelock, follow these steps:

Step 1: Unlock your LG smartphone by pressing both the Power button and Home button simultaneously. This will launch it into Recovery Mode, allowing you to remove the screen lock from your handset.

Once in Recovery Mode, use either Volume Up or Down buttons to navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset on your LG smartphone’s Recovery Mode menu. You should be able to locate this option easily enough.

Next, install the Pattern Password Disable app by navigating to the “Install” section of your TWRP Recovery Mode screen and searching for it. Upon installing, restart your phone so it reboots without a screen lock.

If your LG smartphone is still running Android 4.4 or earlier, the Backup PIN feature can be used to bypass the screen lock. However, this only works if you had previously set up a backup PIN before being locked out of your LG smartphone.

To use the Backup PIN feature on an LG phone, you must first be logged in with the Google account associated with your device. Afterwards, visit Find My Device website and log in using those same account credentials associated with your handset.

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Once logged in, you will be asked for a Backup PIN. Once entered correctly, you can reset your LG screen lock.

Another way to bypass your LG phone’s lock screen is through the Smart Lock feature. This function keeps your phone unlocked when in a trusted area or with Bluetooth devices like cars.

Finally, you can reset your LG screen lock using Android Device Manager. This method is convenient and doesn’t require you to lose any important data on your smartphone.

To unlock your LG phone with the Android Device Manager, you must log in using your Gmail ID and password associated with your device. After entering these credentials, a pop-up window will appear on your computer screen that provides many features.