How to Turn Light Off on Phone

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Android phones possess the capability to turn on and off their flashlight feature, but doing so isn’t always straightforward. While using your phone as a flashlight can be useful in low light conditions, using it as such could cause harm to its internal components such as draining battery life and potentially damaging the display. Here’s how to quickly and conveniently turn off your smartphone’s flashlight so you can take advantage of other useful capabilities it provides.

To switch on or off a flashlight on an iPhone, the most convenient method is to access the Control Center from any screen or app by swiping up on the bottom of the display. Older iPhone models also allow you to quickly toggle the flashlight on/off with just a tap from Home or Lock screens.

Another way to turn on the flashlight is with voice command, such as saying “Ok Google.” If your phone runs Android 8.0 or later, this works even when your phone is locked.

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Many of these shortcuts work with just your voice, while others require specific apps or system-level configurations. We advise against the latter since many of these applications contain ads, are unreliable, or lack updates in years.

Some Android phones, such as Motorola and Pixel smartphones, come with built-in gestures for turning on the flashlight at any time. These might include shaking or doing a chopping motion which can be activated by double tapping the Power button on some models.

OnePlus phones provide a straightforward gesture for turning on the flashlight: draw a V on the screen. Doing so will illuminate the flashlight, and you can toggle it off by repeating this gesture.

Some phones, like some Samsung Galaxy models, provide more specialized ways to access the flashlight. In addition to these shortcuts, you can also turn on the light by pressing both volume buttons together.

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On your Android device, the Control Center allows you to quickly turn on and off your flashlight. All that’s required is a swipe up at the bottom of the screen to open it, followed by tapping the flashlight icon for quick access.

Other smartphones require you to search for a dedicated option in Settings or the system menu. OnePlus phones provide “screen-ff” gestures that activate the flashlight, while some Samsung models feature an “Flashlight” setting accessible from Quick Settings panel.

If you prefer a more traditional method to turn on your flashlight, downloading an app might be the way to go. There are hundreds of them available in the Google Play Store; however, be wary as many require unnecessary permissions that could compromise privacy or become filled with intrusive ads.

Some apps place a button-shaped widget on your Android display that can be clicked to activate the flashlight. This is an easy solution, but be mindful when choosing which one to install.