How to Transfer Photos From an Old LG Flip Phone to Computer

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For current LG users who are thinking of upgrading or just need some photos off their old phone, transferring those images from the device to a computer is an effortless and straightforward process.

A USB cable is all that’s necessary to transfer files between your LG phone and a computer with Windows or Mac OS X software installed. Alternatively, the free Android File Transfer application can be used for transferring music, pictures, or any other type of file between devices.

Step 1 To access your stored photos on your phone using a USB cable, unlock it and connect with either Media Sync (MTP) or File Transfer as the USB connection type. Open My Computer and find the connected device under Portable Devices > Internal Storage > Pictures/DCIM and Camera to view stored pictures from that device.

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2. Copy the photos from the device to a microSD card

If your LG smartphone comes equipped with an SD card, copying photos directly from its internal memory to the SD card can be done using its native file manager application. Most LG models support microSD cards up to 32GB in capacity.

3. Transfer photos from a microSD card to your computer

If your device has a USB port, plugging your microSD card in is simple – and usually results in high quality photos stored on the hard drive of the computer. With modern computers equipped with this port, this process becomes even simpler!

4. Transfer photos from an old LG flip phone to a computer

There are various methods available for transferring your photos from your old lg flip phone to your PC or Mac. Some methods are more reliable than others, and some may be better tailored to meet your individual needs.

1. Back Up Your LG Phone With MobileTrans

If you want to store all of your contacts and other data from your phone on a computer, consider using MobileTrans to back up to your laptop. This way, restoring any important information – such as contacts – in case of loss is easy.

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2. Back Up Your LG Phone with Samsung Messages Backup

If your old flip phone is still connected to the network, Samsung Messages Backup is a great option for backing up all of your data to either PC or Mac. This program automatically saves any messages, calls and other files sent or received on your LG device. This program works great if the device hasn’t been updated in years!

3. Utilize a USB cable and MTP protocol for data transfer

A USB connection is the quickest way to move data between LG phones and computers. This process is straightforward, using either Windows or Mac OS X computers running Windows or Mac OS X operating systems.

Another option is using Coolmuster Android Assistant as a backup solution for your phone’s data. This app automatically detects your LG phone and allows you to back up all of its contents, including photos. Furthermore, you can select specific contacts or other info from the program’s list of available items for backup.