How to Transfer Contacts From Phone to SIM Card on Samsung

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If you have a new Samsung phone and would like to transfer your contacts over, there are two methods for doing so. Either directly from the old device or use an application from a third-party vendor for help with this task.

First, export the contacts from your current phone to an external device such as a USB flash drive or memory card. This is a quick and efficient way to back up all of your contact data.

To do this, open the Contact app (available from either your home screen or Apps). Tap Settings => then choose Contacts; here you’ll see Import/Export on the menu.

Select “Export to SIM card” when transferring your contact data from internal storage onto your SIM card. Doing so will keep them safe in case you decide to delete your phone altogether, preventing any potential deletions from taking place.

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Another option is to backup your contact information using a third-party application. One such free utility is Easy Backup, which enables you to quickly and conveniently back up and restore contacts from an Android phone into the cloud.

Supported file formats include vCard and.VCF files, as well as text-based export of contacts. This means you can edit existing information or add new details as desired.

The software can save your contacts to an external device, such as a computer or hard drive. Downloading a copy of the contacts onto the PC and editing them prior to uploading them back onto your mobile phone is another option available.

Other methods exist for transferring contacts from your phone to an external device, but you must be patient. It may take some time for all your contacts to be transferred, so it may be necessary for you to leave your phone untouched during this process.

Transferring contacts from an Android phone to another requires using a third-party application that permits uploading them as a CSV file. This method is simple and works on any Android phone.

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Alternatively, you can use Wondershare MobileTrans to transfer your contacts from an Android phone to your computer. This program offers many useful features such as the capability of importing and exporting contacts from all Android devices, plus backing up and restoring them.

You can download this tool from the Play Store to import your contacts from your Android phone to a computer. After that, you’ll have full control over them with edits and savings as a CSV file stored on your desktop computer.

The program also lets you back up your phone’s contact information to the cloud, so that it’s accessible when needed without fear of loss. Furthermore, it supports exporting contacts from an Android phone to any other device such as an iPhone or Windows machine.