How to ScreenShare iPhone to LG TV

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Screen mirroring is an excellent way to watch your iPhone or iPad on a larger television screen. This enables you to view videos, games, and other content in larger displays; however it should be noted that there are some restrictions.

First and foremost, your LG TV must have Screen Share enabled and AirPlay 2. Additionally, make sure your iPhone or iPad are connected to the same network as your LG TV – an often forgotten step.

If you’re having trouble using either the Screen Share option or AirPlay on your LG Smart TV, here are a few solutions to try:

Fix #1 – Unpair and Repair iOS Device

In order to use the Screen Share or AirPlay features on your iPhone or iPad, you must first disconnect it from Wi-Fi network and restart it. Doing this will reestablish the connection between both devices.

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Fix #2 – Verify Updates

If your LG Smart TV and the source device haven’t been updated since purchase, you won’t be able to utilize the Screen Share feature. Make sure both products have the most recent versions, and ensure both phones are connected via Wi-Fi network.

Fix #3 – Connect to Your LG TV Through a Third Party App

Third-party apps offer an easy solution for screensharing iPhone to your LG TV without the hassle of complicated settings. Most are free to download and can be accessed through web browsers.

For the ideal solution, AirDroid Cast is the best solution. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, this app allows you to mirror your iPhone or iPad onto an LG TV securely through a password-protected connection.

To use this app, open the Control Centre on your iPhone or iPad and select your LG webOS TV from the list. Finally, enter the four-digit AirPlay passcode displayed on your TV screen to mirror it onto another device.

If you’re playing a game, show, or movie on your LG TV that requires the resolution of your phone, this method works great. Simply mirror the content from your iPhone onto the television for an impressive picture on a much larger screen.

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Fix #4 – Install a Chromecast Dongle

A Chromecast dongle is another excellent way to mirror your iPhone or iPad onto an LG TV, providing you with a much bigger screen and making the experience even better.

Mirroring your phone or iPad on an LG TV can be a convenient method, but it may be somewhat fiddly. To make things simpler, download an external screen mirroring app for Android or iOS before beginning so that the experience is seamless. That way, you’ll only have to remember one set of instructions and the process should run as smoothly as possible.