How to Remove a Previously Synced Google Account From Android After Factory Reset

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When purchasing an Android phone, it comes pre-synced with a Google account that allows for password storage and online shopping as well as saving important data. While this is great for security, if you plan to sell the device, make sure that the Google account is removed first.

When it comes to unsyncing a Google account, there are various methods you can choose from depending on your circumstances. Some require more technical know-how while others are straightforward and require minimal effort.

First, you can quickly and easily delete the Google account that was synced to your Android phone from within Settings. Doing this ensures that no longer any personal information remains on the device.

Another way to delete a previously synced Google Account is by performing a factory reset on your device. You can do this by opening Settings > System – Reset options from within the app. After the reset has completed, you’ll be able to choose a new Google account for your device.

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You can also utilize a third-party app to delete Google from your Android device. DroidKit, for instance, makes this possible without the need for a computer.

Other methods exist to get rid of a Google account from an Android device, but these typically require more technical know-how and expertise. Furthermore, some of them are more complex to perform if you’re not confident with technical tasks; the simplest option might be simply performing a factory reset on the device with minimal disruption.

How to Unlink a Google Account From Android with LockWiper (Android)

If you own a pre-owned Android smartphone, it could have been secured with Google Account Verification. This security measure was put in place by Google to prevent unauthorized users from resetting their devices. While not available on all phones, those running Android 5.1 or higher will benefit from this lock.

To bypass Google account verification on your device, iMyFone LockWiper for Android can help. This software automatically downloads the necessary Android firmware package and lets you select a download path and decompression path for it. After downloading is complete, iMyFone LockWiper begins to remove any previously synced Google accounts from your device and bypasses Google account verification.

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This application also works if your phone has been lost or stolen and you need to retrieve it. With this tool, you can safely unlock a stolen Android phone even if it has been locked with FRP (Find My Phone).

If you’re uncomfortable with the above methods or don’t have access to a computer, UnlockJunky offers remote FRP unlocking services for Samsung and Motorola smartphones that can help bypass previously synced Google accounts. With their service, users are able to remove the Google account associated with their device.