How to Connect Your LED Lights to Your Phone

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LED lights are an ideal way to add vibrant color and style to your home, as well as being highly energy efficient – meaning you save money on utility bills!

Connect your LED lights to your phone using an app available free from both iOS and Android app stores. These apps use WiFi, Bluetooth or a local wireless network such as ZigBee or Z-Wave for communication with the lights and control of them.

Connecting your LEDs to a smartphone is an effortless process. Simply select the lighting technology you desire for your home, install the lights, and then download an app compatible with those lights on your smartphone that gives you full control.

Some of these apps are specific to one type of LED lighting device, while others provide general control of multiple items in your home. Some even enable automatic changes based on daylight availability, occupancy levels or other preset conditions.

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How to Connect Your LED Strip Lights to Your Phone

The initial step in connecting your LED strips lights to a phone is to open up the power supply on the controller box and locate the wires leading from each individual LED light. Carefully pry apart or solder where these wires meet with circuit inside this power unit. This should be done prior to connecting other components within the power unit.

Once you’ve identified each LED on your strip, connect them to its corresponding color wire from your strip controller box by winding them together with fingers or pliers. Make sure both boxes are tightly sealed so no water can enter them.

How to Pair Your LePro LED Strips with a Mobile App

Once your LED strip lights are connected, you can begin customizing their settings using the mobile app that came included with your light kit. Some apps allow for color changes, on/off switching, and brightness adjustments.

Many of these apps feature voice command capabilities, enabling you to issue verbal instructions directly to your phone to turn LED lights on and off, set their colors, or alter brightness levels. Some even support music playback and work with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

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How to Pair Your LED Strips with an AP Mode

Some smart LED strip light apps provide an option called EZ mode that enables you to quickly connect your lights to your smartphone without waiting for the app to auto-search for your device. Unfortunately, this method may not work with all LED strips and relies on having your phone already connected to your home WiFi network so there’s no need to re-connect afterwards.

Once your LED strip lights have been paired, you can easily control them with the LePro LampUX mobile app. After signing up for an account, click on “+” sign button in top right corner to navigate to your lights. Tap “Confirm indicator rapidly blinking” to view WiFi connection prompt; enter credentials and voila! You are ready to begin controlling your lights through LePro LampUX mobile app!