How to Connect Phone to Roku TV Without WiFi

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Roku TV users without WiFi can easily connect their phone to the system using the Roku mobile app. Available for both iPhones and Androids, this allows you to use your device as a remote, search for content, and cast media directly from your phone onto the Roku.

The Roku app is free to download for iPhones and Androids in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Compatible with Roku Premier, Streaming Stick Plus, and Ultimate models, you can find this mobile app in both App Store and Play stores.

If you have a mobile hotspot, the Roku app can connect your phone to your TV and allow for remote control of it. Simply create a mobile hotspot with the same name and password as the last Wi-Fi network your Roku connected to before.

This method may not always work, especially if your internet connection is slow. Nonetheless, it offers an easier alternative than the other option to get your phone working with Roku TV.

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First, configure your smartphone to connect to a Wi-Fi network by going into settings on your phone and clicking “WiFi & Network,” then selecting hotspot.

Next, enable screen mirroring on your phone. This will enable your phone to recognize the Roku TV and allow for screen mirroring with your phone.

You can set up your phone to act as a hotspot for another device, such as a tablet or laptop. This works with most routers and allows you to use the control of a Roku or other streaming media player from within your phone.

Alternatively, you can connect your phone to a WiFi extender. This will add an extra layer of internet to your home network and potentially increase WiFi speeds. However, be wary – some extenders have been known to have connection issues with certain streaming devices, including Rokus.

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If your internet speed is slow, it could be that you need a new router or switch. With Roku app, connecting your phone with the new router is as easy as downloading an app – simply use it for control over devices and watching TV from within your new router!

To accomplish this task, you’ll require a router that supports DHCP and allows you to assign a network address to your phone. This is especially essential if you plan on using the phone as a remote for a Roku TV.

You can use Bluetooth to connect your Roku device to your television using your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities. This is a faster and more dependable option than other methods, though it requires an extra USB cable for each device you wish to connect.

Roku app users can mirror their Android screen onto a Roku TV. This solution is ideal for those without internet connections but still want to watch shows or movies on their TV. Unfortunately, it consumes a significant amount of data.