How to Change Your Phone Number on TikTok

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There are a variety of reasons you might need to change your phone number on tiktok, and the good news is that it’s an incredibly straightforward process. Doing so takes only minutes and there’s no hassle involved!

To begin, log into your TikTok account and go to “Settings and Privacy,” selecting the option labeled “Manage Account.” From there, click on the button labeled “Phone Number” from the available options.

Once you enter the code on the verification page, TikTok will redirect you to a verification page where they can link your new number with your account. It is essential that they verify this change is valid! Once entered, TikTok can link your new number with your existing one.

In some cases, you may not be able to access your old number or lack the OTP sent to it. If this is the case for you, there are other methods available on TikTok for changing your phone number.

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#1 – Change Your TikTok Phone Number by Email

If you need to update your TikTok phone number, email support at TikTok and explain that you want to delete the old number from your account. They should be able to assist with that; however, please be patient as it may take them a few days for them to respond back to you.

#2 – Modify Your TikTok Phone through Chat

If you need to update your TikTok phone number via chat, send a message to the TikTok community team. Simply explain that you wish to alter your number and they can assist with that process.

#3 – Change Your TikTok Phone Through the App

The most straightforward way to modify your number on TikTok is through their app. All that requires is opening the app and clicking “Profile” at the bottom-right corner of your screen. This is a straightforward process!

Once that’s complete, simply follow the instructions on-screen to discover how to unlink your number from TikTok.

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#4 – Unlink Your Current TikTok Phone Number from Your Account

If you need to unlink your current phone number from your account, go to “Profile” section and click on three-line icon shown below. Select “Manage Account” option then click on “Phone Number.” That will remove it from the system altogether.

Enter the phone number that needs to be disconnected from your account. You may need to include the country code as well. Afterward, fill in any remaining digits as usual – it’s that simple!

#5 – Deactivate Your Phone Number

To fully deactivate your TikTok account, you need to contact TikTok directly. They use the phone number as a security measure to confirm you are who you say you are. It’s worth noting that TikTok does this regularly and has an efficient process in place for dealing with it promptly and effectively.